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Bio-Hazard Cage

  • Horizontal partitions on the ends to eliminate breakage and dramatically improve animal welfare and cuts side maintenance by 98%.
  • Ultra green floor will not delaminate or shed glass like the woven-roven floor.
  • Open Face Technology:This cage is designed to allow for complete sanitizing and disinfecting unlike tubing cage which holds litter, fecal matter and possible pathogens.
  • 8 bumper plates to prevent cage warping.
  • Lock nuts are used on the side channels.
  • Double ­ hook hold downs. Completely recessed cage top.
  • Double ribbed aircraft aluminum door reduce door maintenance cost by 84%.
  • 4 floor hold downs on each floor.
  • Bumper tubes to prevent cages from catching and increase air flow.
  • Cage Bird Sheilds to reduce damage during the Dump Cycle. Patent Applied.